At this time of year everyone is usually full of healthy plans to improve their lifestyle after possibly having overdone the food and drink during the festive period.    So, with all these good intentions what exactly goes wrong weeks or months down the line?   Typically, a busy schedule both at work and at home, having a young family or elderly relatives, perhaps taking a holiday, illness or injury are just some of the reasons we hear about.   Some people respond well to targets such as a certain weight or an event.    Be careful with specific targets or goal setting as you need to know how you will react if you cannot achieve what you set out to do.   Will you get depressed and slip back to your starting point or will it make you more determined to achieve the target via a different route?

At Springbank Clinic we have a range of therapies aimed at assisting you, not only to reach your targets but to maintain them.    Dietary advice and management with Brenda Smith is an obvious place to start, but perhaps some less clearly defined issues and dealing with the reasons behind them, may be more easily resolved with help from Dr Lindsay Gorrill (Clinical Psychologist).

How often is it that just when you are making progress you suffer an injury as you start to do more frequent or more intense exercise?   This can be very frustrating and is where the variety of practitioners here at the clinic – Mark Pitcairn-Knowles, Dawn Draper, Clarissa McManus (Osteopaths), Kelly Clews (Podiatrist) and Richard Puxty or Catherine Alexander (Sports Massage therapists) – are able to offer their expert advice and treatment, each of them having considerable experience in their own field.

To help keep your immune system healthy, or if you are injured and need help with pain management, you can consult with our Reflexologist, Kate Haas or our acupuncturist, Renate Blacker.

Our practitioners are all here to help you through the difficult process of starting and maintaining your new year diet, exercise and lifestyle plans, so please call us if you feel you need help in any of these areas.

We are also pleased to introduce two new additions to the team for the start of 2015:

Dr Nathan Anthony is a Psychiatrist who has considerable experience working within Kent, Surrey and central London.    He is able to offer a range of treatments and therapies to effectively diagnose and treat psychological problems and mental health issues. Dr Anthony will be working with Dr Lindsay Gorrill to ensure that each of their patients receives the best and most appropriate treatment for their particular needs.

The other new addition is ‘Lunular Laser’ treatment at Springbank Podiatry.  The laser is used for the pain-free, effective treatment of fungal infections of the toenails.   This treatment has been shown to be effective without the potentially serious side effects of the oral medication often prescribed or the laborious nature of the topical self treatment process.   If you have thickened, crumbly, distorted nails which you find embarrassing or unsightly then please discuss this treatment with Kelly Clews our Podiatrist.