The cycling season will soon be in full swing as (hopefully!) the sun shines and the temperature rises.

Many people have become involved in cycling over recent years and may well have paid to have a professional bike fit to optimise performance and help to prevent injuries.   This can be very valuable and beneficial.  However, we do see a significant number of patients who have had such a fitting but then need to consult us as they find it causes neck pain, shoulder pain, etc.   They are reluctant to change anything as the bike fit tends to be quite an expensive process and is designed to improve performance.    The issue here is whether you are able to adapt to the new position, as your previous set up was probably based more on comfort over performance.   You may have limited range of movement in one particular joint or group of joints which can result in you over using another joint to achieve the position.    Until the muscles have learnt to adapt (perhaps by altering the length or strength they require for the new position), cycling repetitively in a new position may well cause over use of a muscle or muscle group.  Therefore it is always sensible to take shorter rides during the period immediately following a significant change of bike set up.   Osteopaths and Sports Massage therapists are commonly able to expedite this adaption process by improving joint function and providing exercise advice to target specific joints and muscles.