Dietetics at Springbank

We are pleased to welcome a new dietitian to our team – Ali Todd will soon be working with us on a weekly basis. Ali qualified at Kings College, London and has almost twenty years of experience in the dietetics field, providing impartial advice based on the latest scientific research. Ali has worked in a… Read more

Hearing and Balance at Springbank

We are pleased to welcome Dr Jay Jindal onto the Springbank team.  Jay is an audiology specialist and will be working with us on Mondays from the end of November. Audiology is the clinical branch of hearing and balance care and Jay treats everyone from babies to adults and the elderly.  These are some of… Read more

English Schools U18 3k Championships

James Puxty (the son of our Sports Massage Therapist, Richard) has continued to achieve in athletics at a National level.  He followed up his Nation U17 cross country win in the winter with a win at the English Schools track and field championships where he won the Senior Boys U18 3000m race in a time… Read more


We are now a ‘Sevenoaks Star Business’ on the Sevenoaks Mums website!      If you haven’t visited the site before, Sevenoaks Mums is an interesting and informative website for all things local.  Please take a look at our listing on the site under the Sevenoaks Stars Business Directory.  Our customers can rate and review their… Read more


We are sure many of our patients will be pleased to hear that Renate Blacker, our acupuncturist, has had some fantastic athletic success in recent weeks: On 7th May Renate took part in the 7oaks Triathlon and was the first female to finish out of the 50 taking part, taking home an impressive trophy in recognition…. Read more

Reflexology for Anxiety

Anxiety develops when we are first faced with a stressful situation – moving house, redundancy, bereavement or a breakdown of a relationship. These feelings of anxiety are the body’s early warning system. Your body feels that some form of danger is near, so you are kept alert in order to cope with what your body… Read more

Defibrillator at Springbank

Every year in the UK between 80,000 and 120,000 people suffer a sudden cardiac arrest while in a public place.  A cardiac arrest occurs when the heart’s electrical activity is disrupted causing it to beat dangerously fast or irregularly.  This altered heart rhythm (arrhythmia) stops the heart pumping blood effectively.  This in turn stops blood flow to the… Read more

Homeopathy at Springbank Clinic

Homeopathy is used to treat a lot more than just asthma and hay fever. A recent 4Homeopathy study ( revealed that Brits are visiting homeopathic practitioners for everything from IBS (27%) through to depression (18%). Out of those who use homeopathy, over 77% of teenagers and 41 % of adults receive homeopathic treatment for skin problems, while… Read more

Self Management

Self management refers to the wide range of things you can do to help yourself live a better life if you have a long-term health condition. It includes making informed choices about which services and support work best for you, maximizing your independence and allowing you to be the best you can be. The biggest challenge… Read more


Reflexology is a gentle and non-invasive natural treatment designed to assist in maintaining optimal wellness in healthy individuals and alleviating the symptoms of a variety of disorders. It seems to be particularly effective for treating hormonal imbalances. Why is this so? In both women and men, hormone levels need to be finely balanced in order… Read more

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