Car Parking

We hope that our patients feel that our free car park is a valuable part of the service we offer here at Springbank.  However, we often experience problems with lack of available spaces at certain times of the day.  This can result in patients arriving late for their appointments while waiting for a space to become available, which in turn makes our practitioners run late throughout the day.  To help resolve this issue we would be grateful if you would be mindful of the following:-

 Please try not to be parked for longer than 15 minutes either side of your appointment time.

Please park neatly and tightly within the boundaries of each ‘Patient Only’ marked space.

If you would like to park your car for a while following your appointment this may be possible at certain times, but please check with our Receptionist first.  Please also use your own judgement on how busy the car park is and how many spaces there are available.

Please do not use the car park on days when you do not have an appointment.

Thank you for your understanding.