Careers Evening

Dawn and Mark recently took part in a careers evening at a local school where the children were unaccompanied by their parents.   This was a great opportunity for them to ask questions to different people in a variety of jobs without feeling hindered by their parents.     What surprised Mark most was how much he also got out of the evening.   Questions such as:

“What is the part of your job you like the most?”  or 

“What part of your job would you change?” and

“How late do you have to work?” 

all stimulated various thought processes.


Subsequently Dawn and Mark discussed some of these and both agreed that the part of their jobs they like the most is the variety of patients that attend our clinic.   Springbank is very fortunate to have such a range of patients from all sorts of backgrounds and jobs.  It goes without saying that we love hearing a patient say how much better they are, but we also like to hear that when we have referred a patient elsewhere they have achieved a successful outcome and enhanced their wrap around care.


So a big thank you to all our patients who make our working day so varied and interesting.    Mark said that he certainly left the careers evening feeling very pleased with the career path he chose and hopes that both he and Dawn have also helped some of the children in their own career choices!