December Health Blog

On Line Bookings

We are pleased to say that our new and updated online booking service is now available at   

Here you are able to make appointments up to two weeks ahead (each Monday another week is made available). On line appointments are not available on the day, please phone or email for appointments on the same day.

You can make appointments with the Osteopaths, Podiatrist, Acupuncturist, Sports Massage therapists,  Clinical Psychologists and Reflexologist. Please follow the link on the left hand side of the home page.   Once you have booked your appointment you will receive an email confirming the appointment within the next 24 hours.   During opening hours this will normally be within minutes. 

We are pleased to see that many of you have already used this system to make appointments over the weekend or late at night when you have thought about making the appointment. We hope this helps make the booking of appointments at Springbank Clinic easier for all our patients.


Kate Haas (Reflexology), Catherine Alexander and Richard Puxty ( Sports Massage) will all be offering gift vouchers that make great gifts, particularly as Christmas approaches. We can arrange vouchers for any therapy.

Shoulder Injuries

As Osteopaths we are very keen on our patients improving their lifestyles to help their recovery from injury and prevent relapse. It is quite evident however that care must be taken when taking exercise.    With the rise in popularity of Boot camps, Tough man type races and personal training sessions,  we have seen a rise particularly in shoulder injuries. Quite often this is a result of over enthusiasm, perhaps a 40 or 50 something age grouper who is determined to achieve what is being asked of them and does not want to disappoint the trainer or stand out in a class by not being able to achieve a weight or number of reps. You must listen to your body, make sure you understand the technique for the activity and know when you are tiring or when you need to stop. Fitness and strength does not come instantly with one tough session. We all become more vulnerable to tendon injuries as we age, the connective tissue is less elastic, so sudden movements or too much load cause damage. 

We can treat these injuries or refer where required for further investigation.