DodowThis amazing little device has been conceived and manufactured in France where it is enjoying huge success.

‘Dodow’ (French baby-talk for sleep) helps people who suffer from insomnia to regain sound sleep patterns within a few nights thanks to an ingenious but simple concept.  Inspired by the breathing pattern people naturally adopt in meditation, the device projects a halo of blue light onto the ceiling which expands and retracts and with which you synchronize your breathing. The movement of the light gradually slows down taking you naturally to a rhythm of 6 breaths per minute which is conducive to a state of deep relaxation. It takes the anxiety associated with the need to fall asleep out of your mind.  The blue light that is projected is not the same as the light projected from a television or computer screen and is completely relaxing.  The device is battery-operated and switches itself off automatically after either 8 or 20 minutes depending on the setting you prefer.

The Dowdow has been found to be effective for people who find it difficult to fall asleep, for those who wake in the middle of the night and also for jet lag sufferers.

Springbank Clinic is currently the sole distributor in the UK where the Dowdow is available to buy for £39.00.  We have had stocks since the end of last year and we have had many satisfied customers.  We are happy for you to trial the Dodow before you commit to buying it and have one that we lend out for a few days at a time.  Please call the clinic if you are interested on 01732 453956.
For more general information, contact Nathalie at