In April and May our homeopath, Nathalie Robeyns, will be giving short consultations for hay fever sufferers who would like to try a natural approach to treating their symptoms.

In Nathalie’s experience, a well-chosen remedy will start relieving hay fever symptoms within three days.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and, unlike anti-histamines, do not cause drowsiness, which makes them ideal to use during the school exam period. They are also individualised, so, while most people with hay fever suffer from sneezing and itchy eyes and nose, a person whose symptoms include, for example terrible sneezing in the morning on rising from bed, will need a different remedy from someone who experiences constant and tremendous itchiness of the palate.

A first, thorough, homeopathic consultation typically lasts 1 ½ hours but Nathalie will be seeing patients in acute 20-minute sessions on Friday afternoons. Booking is essential. Cost: £10 (remedies included).