Holiday Time

Lounging about on a sunbed sounds like it should not be able to cause a back injury but usually they do not provide sufficient support in the semi reclined position and can commonly aggravate a low back injury. Lying on your tummy is often unusual and combined with the hard surface may make it a tricky position to get up from. Simply think about the position you are in and whether you are comfortable.

These days holidays may involve suddenly and enthusiastically taking part in unusual physical activities. Be aware of what you are going to do – is it suitable? For example someone with a long standing stiff neck that is the result of previous trauma should think twice before taking to a roller coaster or water skiing, etc. Even looking up for long periods of time – for example at an air show – can cause acute problems. In contrast, the increased activity will be of benefit to most people, but be aware that if you are suddenly going to be able to exercise everyday while on holiday, your body will need some easing into a new pattern if it is not used to this.

I am sure most of us have experienced bad bedding or beds that don’t suit you on holidays. Some of the hotel bolster pillows are particularly bad and guaranteed to give neck pain. Recognise this situation quickly as it will be too late if you struggle for a night and wake the next day having strained your neck.