Homeopathy at Springbank Clinic

Homeopathy is used to treat a lot more than just asthma and hay fever. A recent 4Homeopathy study (http://www.findahomeopath.org/) revealed that Brits are visiting homeopathic practitioners for everything from IBS (27%) through to depression (18%). Out of those who use homeopathy, over 77% of teenagers and 41 % of adults receive homeopathic treatment for skin problems, while 35% of adults and 41% of teenagers visit their homeopathic practice for issues related to anxiety and stress.

Currently, the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) (https://www.hri-research.org) is supporting the following projects looking at areas where homeopathy could be of particular value: ADHD, depression, IBS, fracture healing.

Nathalie Robeyns
Registered Homeopath
Certified CEASE therapist