How Can Neurophysiotherapy Help With Balance Issues?

For most of us, the ability to balance is something we take for granted. We don’t think twice about participating in activities which challenge our balance – simple everyday things like getting dressed while standing, walking on uneven pavements, walking around crowded places or even walking along a moving bus or train.

For some people, however, these things can be very difficult or even impossible. The anxiety induced by a loss of balance can have a significant knock-on effect on confidence, independence and quality of life.

A reduction in balance may come about following an accident or injury, as a result of a disease process or simply as part of the inevitable ageing process. In January 2009, a Department of Health report estimated that 30% of over 65s would experience some problem related to their balance.

Balance relies on a combination of good body alignment with core stability, lower limb muscle control, proprioception (knowing where your body is in space) and the vestibular and visual systems. Balance issues can arise from a dysfunction in any one of these areas.

Many balance issues can be improved or effectively managed by a specific programme of interventions and exercises designed by a physiotherapist.

Elissa and Jane at Springbank are both highly qualified and experienced neurophysiotherapists who are skilled at assessing and treating balance dysfunction.

Working with you, they can identify specific balance issues and design a programme of intervention aimed at managing those issues to maximise your individual potential, promote functional independence and improve quality of life.

Making contact early can often prevent minor balance issues becoming significant ones and ultimately avoid unnecessary negative lifestyle changes.

If you would like to speak with Elissa or Jane to discuss any issues you are experiencing or any concerns you may have, please call the clinic reception on 01732 453956.