In a recent article Andrew Marr, BBC presenter, who had a stroke in 2013 aged 53, talks about how important on-going physiotherapy has been to his continued recovery. He makes the point that recovery from a stroke can continue for a long time following discharge from hospital and that access to physiotherapy is an essential part of maximising this process. (Full article here)

 Neurological physiotherapists can work with you on symptoms such as increased or decreased tone, paralysis, weakness, reduced co-ordination, loss of balance and pain. They can help to address reduced movement, poor postural control, and decreased functional ability that may be making participating in life very demanding and difficult.

Neurological physiotherapy is available at Springbank Clinic, with Elissa Benson and Jane Cast of NeurorehabilitationKent. Elissa and Jane can work with you, your family and your carers to facilitate your on-going recovery towards achieving your maximum potential and improving your quality of life. It may be that your stroke was many years ago but new issues with movement control or balance have now developed. Elissa and Jane can assess the specific issues and help you to manage the impact they may be having on your daily life. Treatment may be hands on, involve a home exercise programme, lifestyle advice, advice regarding equipment, or signposting to other services. They can also offer information about the relevant local support groups and facilities.

In his article Andrew Marr describes being able to enjoy a walk in the sun with his daughter so much more when he can look at the blue sky and not his feet. We are committed to helping you to get the most out of your life in the same way!

Sessions are available in the clinic but also in your own home or other appropriate settings in the community. Visit our main website for more information, or alternatively call the clinic reception on 01732 453956.