We are very fortunate to have two experienced Sports Massage therapists who both have interest and experience in running and cycling injuries related to long distance training and competing.  At this time of year when runners may be training for marathons by building their endurance, the result can often be tight and painful muscles. Running for an hour can involve approximately 10,000 steps, which is a very repetitive action, particularly on road surface.  It is important to stop the build-up of tightness with correct stretching and professional sports massage.  This will not only prevent injury but also make running far more enjoyable. 

Still on an athletic note, we are very proud that James Puxty (son of Richard, Sports Massage) and Bede Pitcairn-Knowles (son of Mark) were part of the Tonbridge Athletics Club Under 17 boys team that won the English National Cross Country championships at Donnington Park during the last weekend in February.    They both have another year in the U17s, and will represent Kent at English Schools and the Inter-County Championships over the next two weeks.   James has also been selected for the English Schools team for the Home Internationals in Glasgow (which he also took part in two years ago) and will compete in Falkirk this weekend.