Now is the time that all of those people training for marathons are having to run longer distances on a regular basis.   Six to seven weeks to go means runs of 10- 20 miles once a week with shorter runs in between so there are many more long distance runners being seen on the streets with various food and drink items attached to their running belts. 

This is the time when they will require the services of Richard Puxty or Catherine Alexander (Sports Massage),   Mark Pitcairn-Knowles or Dawn Draper (Osteopaths) and Kelly Clews (Podiatrist).  The key thing is not to allow a ‘niggle’ to develop into a troublesome injury.  

Regular sports massage over the last few weeks of training is invaluable.   It can also be an opportunity to talk over your training plan – all our practitioners are sympathetic to the need to continue running and Mark, Richard and Renate Blacker (acupuncturist) all race on a regular basis, so understand the mental challenges of running.