Marathon Training

For any marathon runner, massage should be integrated as part of your training plan. After those long training sessions, the repetitive movements over long periods of time can lead to a shortening and tightness in the muscle fibres. There will be an accumulation of waste materials and even micro trauma – the tissue will be nutritionally depleted. Massage will stimulate the blood flow, which will quickly help remove the waste and fresh blood will help repair the tissue and provide nutrition needed.

Whilst training, one of the most important aspects is to make sure the body has enough rest to allow the recovery process to take place. Massage can improve the quality and effectiveness of the rest, which with regular massage, enables more training at a higher standard with less risk of injury.

Particularly with endurance running, one of the most common injuries is the over-use injury. It can develop over long periods of time and you may only be aware of the problem when it has become serious. Regular massage can help identify any potential problems early and prevent them from becoming an injury. It can also help you be more aware of any tightness in the body and enable you to make your stretching more specific to certain areas.