Microwave Therapy for Verrucae and Warts – New Treatment Now Available


Our Podiatry clinic now offers patients a pioneering new microwave skin therapy (known as SWIFT) for the general treatment of soft tissue legions such as verrucae and warts.  SWIFT is a new technology developed and licenced in the UK.




Who can benefit from SWIFT treatment and how does it work?
Anyone with stubborn soft skin lesions on their hands or feet such as verrucae and warts.  With a few exceptions, this treatment is appropriate for most people with stubborn verrucae and warts.

Microwaves work by generating heat.  SWIFT uses five second bursts of microwave energy, delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue.  The site will be prepared by the Podiatrist by shaving off any overlying dead skin and the probe will then be applied.  Multiple sites can be treated during each session with short breaks between each.




Is SWIFT treatment painful?
There will be some discomfort and a little pain but this is normal with any kind of skin lesion treatment.  The intensity will vary from person to person and from lesion to lesion.  However, most people describe it as similar to a burning/prickling sensation.  However, as each application is for just five seconds any discomfort experienced will only last for about 1 or 2 seconds.

What will the lesion look like after it has been treated and how quickly will it work?
Directly after the treatment there will be no immediate apparent difference.  However, after a few days a change should start to show.  This is because the SWIFT probe prompts an immune response in the affected area which will take time to take full effect.

How many SWIFT treatments will my verruca need and how long will I need between treatments?
We offer a course of three treatments which should be sufficient for most sizes and numbers of lesions.  The treatments can be spread over a period of between two weeks and one month dependent upon how your immune system reacts.

What can I expect following the treatment and will the verruca come back?
There is a slight chance that some minor discomfort could be experienced for up to 24 hours after treatment but normally any pain or discomfort will stop as soon as the treatment has finished.

Apart from that, following the SWIFT treatment there is no broken skin, no dressings and no need to keep the area dry which means you can swim, shower and be active straight away.

SWIFT works by prompting an immune response and therefore, although we cannot guarantee that you will not catch another wart or verrucae in the future, the antibodies produced will hopefully give the patient a certain degree of immunity.

How much will each treatment cost?
The Foot and Nail Surgery are offering an initial special package price of £290 which will cover your initial consultation and up to three treatments.  Multiple lesions can be treated during each session at no extra cost.

If you would like further information or to book a consultation with one of our Podiatrists, please call the clinic on 01732 453956.