Multi Disciplinary Team Work

We are very pleased to see so many of our patients benefitting from the range of different therapies and practitioners that we have here at Springbank Clinic. From a practitioner point of view there is nothing more satisfying than working with a patient and other colleagues to identify and deal with the source of a patient’s pain. This is the most effective way of avoiding a repeat episode.

Our most recent addition to the clinic, Jane Cast – Neuro Physiotherapist, is becoming very popular and will probably shortly be available on additional clinic days to accommodate her patients.

Catherine Alexander and Richard Puxty – Sports Massage, continue to provide a service to the ever growing numbers of people taking part in endurance exercise as well as those simply wanting therapeutic massage.

Along with the expertise and experience of Mark Pitcairn-Knowles – Osteopath, in treating and managing sports injuries we are in a very good position to help with a wide range of sports related injuries. We are pleased to say that this is reflected in the large number of referrals from the local running groups including Shona’s Runners, Tonbridge Athletics Club, Sevenoaks Athletics Club and SLJ, as well as local sports shops such as Up & Running and Bat and Ball Sports. Mark has also developed important close contacts with surgeons specialising in feet, knees, hips, spines and shoulders for referrals when required. Mark is recognised as an excellent rehabilitation management therapist, thus receiving many referrals back from these surgeons.