The National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR) was constituted in 2003 in order to explore and assure the place that osteopathy has to play in healthcare.
The Council was established by all the osteopathic educational institutions within the UK, including the General Osteopathic Council and the British Osteopathic Association.

We have been approached by the NCOR to take part in a PROM (Patient Reported Outcome Measure) survey.  PROMs are defined as ‘reports coming directly from patients about how they feel or function in relation to a health condition and its therapy, without interpretation by healthcare professionals or anyone else’.  PROMs are necessary as they represent an important part of assessing whether osteopaths and other healthcare professionals are improving the symptoms reported by their patients and if patients are satisfied with their treatment.

We are pleased to have been asked to take part in this necessary research and hope that our patients agree that it is important to collate data in this way in order for us to constantly monitor and improve our practices.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be offering our patients the opportunity to complete a survey.  This is not obligatory but if you would like to take part our reception staff will provide you with an enrolment code and notes on what is involved and how to access the survey online.  All information collected will be stored securely and anonymously by the NCOR.
Each survey should not take longer than ten minutes to complete and we appreciate and thank as many of our patients taking part as possible.