Neurological Physiotherapy – What Is It?

People with neurological problems or the elderly may experience difficulties with day-to-day activities with a reduction in their independence, due to loss of movement, sensation, balance, or co-ordination.


Neuro physiotherapy treatment is aimed at those who have neurological condition which includes both acute onset such as Stroke, Head injury, and Spinal Cord injury or those with longer term conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis. It also focuses on conditions affecting the peripheral nervous system, such as peripheral neuropathy and Guillain Barré Syndrome.


It can be highly effective in assisting people that lack confidence, stamina, have reduced balance and mobility problems for a variety of different reasons and are finding it increasingly hard to remain independent and access the community.


Neuro physiotherapy aims to provide comprehensive assessment and management of these problems through advice, education and exercises. Our approach includes the re-learning or re-establishment of normal movement patterns, reducing compensatory movements, strengthening weak muscles, managing tone/spasticity, improving joint range, assessing sensory changes and walking techniques. These all have an impact on helping a person to function to the best of their ability.


A Neurological Physiotherapist

  • Carries out a detailed assessment, in order to determine the main issues causing concern. Individualised programmes are established tailored toward meeting the clients own specific goals both long and short term.
  • Treats with the aim of regaining function and independence with specific handling techniques being key to assisting with relaxing and lengthening tight muscles and joints, stimulating weak muscles and reducing over activity.  Within sessions the focus is often on analysis of posture and movement, facilitation of return of appropriate movement, exercises to stimulate balance, as well as re-education of correct walking patterns.
  • Supplies appropriate walking aids, orthotics, splints and supports is carefully analysed to ensure they will optimise function yet allow for normal movement.
  • Provides clients with an initial management program with the option for longer term regular therapy reviews and ongoing maintenance programmes.
  • Works closely with family members and carers to implement a 24 hour plan to carry over into the community and home setting. This may involve visits to a local gym or swimming pool.
  • Signposts clients to other relevant therapists, healthcare professionals, organisations and community services to optimise return to work or improve their quality of life.


If you want to know more or think you might benefit from this service please contact me to discuss your specific needs.I am always happy to listen and offer advice.

I have sessions at the clinic and carry out home visits covering most of West Kent.


Contact: Jane Cast 0772 0571343 e or the receptionist at the clinic 01732 453 956