Balance is a complex mechanism involving several body systems. Reduced balance can occur as a secondary consequence of many health issues such as hip or knee surgery, back pain or even just the normal process of ageing. The subsequent effect on our daily functional lives can, in some cases, be dramatic and lead to a loss of independence and reduced quality of life.

Often the strategies people adopt in an attempt to ‘feel safe’ can themselves lead to increased balance impairment. They may also lead to further reductions in mobility and other more serious complications, including falls.

As neurophysiotherapists, Jane and Elissa are trained to identify specific balance issues and help redress them in a way that keeps you mobile and functionally active. Investing a small amount of time now in gaining knowledge and practising specific exercises may help to restore confidence, improve balance, prevent falls and thus allow for a greater level of independence in the future.

If you feel either yourself or a relative would benefit from some advice or a tailored programme please contact the clinic about booking an assessment with Jane or Elissa.