Mark Pitcairn-Knowles DO (Hons)

Mark Pitcairn-Knowles
Osteopathy (GOSC Registration Number: 1026)
Principal of the practice, Mark graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1989 with Honours. He worked in New Zealand for one year before returning to the UK . He then shared his time between Sevenoaks and West London for four years before concentrating full time on the practice in Sevenoaks. He spent five years teaching at the European school of Osteopathy. He has been on many post graduate courses covering a wide range of subjects from hip replacements to research methodology.

Mark has worked on Radio Kent as the Osteopath for a phone in show.

Mark has a keen interest in sports injuries which is helped by his own participation in many sports competitively over the years (cricket, rugby , tennis, running, football, skiing and triathalon). He strongly believes that lifestyle such as work position, exercise, casual sitting positions, weight, stress etc are the main factors in many chronic musculoskeletal conditions and that time spent discussing these has a major impact on the success of treatment. Mark has a mainly structural approach and likes to treat all types of conditions. Pregnancy, sports injuries, arthritic conditions, adolescent growth issues.

Mark gets great professional satisfaction maintaining the function of more elderly people for whom it is vital that they keep mobile to prevent other health issues developing.

Mark has a keen interest in Sports injuries and his understanding is helped by many years of competitive involvement with a number of different sports including Athletics, Tennis, Triathlon, Cricket and Rugby. Understanding sporting technique and training practices is a great advantage when establishing the cause of an injury and how to avoid repetition. We are all built differently so will work differently hence it is a mistake to try to make the perfect athlete. Function and strength are the key issues.
Mark co-ordinates the Masters teams at the highly successful Tonbridge Athletics club and this has provided experience of treating not only Masters athletes but also Elite athletes who compete at a National level, as well a range of developing junior athletes. The teenage years provide many challenges to junior athletes which is where experience of common conditions and their prognosis is important.
As an Athlete he has been part of the Men’s 50 age group Tonbridge AC team that won the South of England Road Relays at Bedford in 2016 and is part of the Masters Track and Field team that has reached the South East area finals in 2017.

Mark gets great professional satisfaction maintaining the function of more elderly people for whom it is vital that they keep mobile to prevent other health issues developing. More about osteopathy

Empathy for the Injured Sportsman
As a sportsman himself, the thought of not being able to exercise is something that Mark understands.   Where rest is required Mark will indicate this with reluctance!  However he is always looking at ways to allow training to continue in a way that will not prolong the injury.    Unfortunately the nature of competitive sport is such that injuries will occur as the body is pushed harder and faster, or as frequency of training increases.   This applies to recreational athletes, beginners and seasoned athletes alike.

Mark attends frequent CPD events associated with sports injuries and enjoys close links to London Bridge Sports Orthopaedics to give rapid access to referral / investigation where required.    Experience gained from 24 years practise as an Osteopath involved in treating sports injuries is a major factor in clinical decision making.


We treat all ages from children to adults with a sensitive approach to the patient , ensuring that the patient understands the diagnosis and how the treatment aims to improve their symptoms. We have 3 osteopaths who each have their own specialties and interests.