Nathalie Robeyns BSc (Hons) LCHE MARH

Nathalie Robeyns
Nathalie has an honours degree and graduated from the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London in 2008, where the academic course is completed by doing 150 hours of clinical training.  She became a certified CEASE therapist after training in Holland in 2013.  She is registered with the Alliance for Registered Homeopaths (ARH).

Nathalie’s patients are of all ages, from newborn to 92 years of age and she has acquired a good experience prescribing for skin symptoms and for the specific imbalances of women’s health.  She is currently supporting several children who have issues associated with tension and concentration.  CEASE therapy was created to support the wellbeing of children on the autistic spectrum.

Nathalie specialises in the treatment of autism using CEASE therapy

Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression (CEASE) was developed by the late Dr Tinus Smits. CEASE therapy is a three-layered approach to the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders, with a systematic detoxification of the substances which cause them, allied to homeopathic remedies and orthomolecular support.

Nathalie also has a keen interest in women’s health and uses Liz Lalor’s fertility programme to treat infertility. More about homeopathy

Dodow Sleep Device

Nathalie has been researching this device and its benefits to those people who suffer from any sleep related issues, including those who have problems falling asleep when they go to bed, those who wake during the night and also for jetlag sufferers. The device projects a halo of blue light onto the ceiling which expands and retracts and with which you synchronize your breathing.  The type of blue light used is not the same as that which comes from a screen and is relaxing, not harmful.  The movement of the light gradually slows down taking you naturally to a rhythm of six breaths per minute, which is conducive to a state of deep relaxation.  It also takes the need to fall asleep out of your mind.  The device has two settings and automatically switches itself off after either eight or twenty minutes.
The device is manufactured in France where it is enjoying huge success.  Nathalie Robeyns and the Springbank Clinic are currently the sole stockists in the UK.  The Dodow is available to buy from the clinic for £39.


Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine developed nearly 200 years ago by a German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, using the principles of 'like cures like' discovered by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, 2000 years ago.