Hearing and Balance

About Hearing and Balance Services at Springbank Clinic

Dr Jay Jindal, who is a highly qualified and experienced audiologists, provides the following hearing and balance services at the clinic:

  • Hearing Assessment for Children & Adults
  • Earwax removal via Microsuction
  • Balance and Dizziness
  • Auditory Processing Disorder Assessment and Management
  • Hearing Aid Prescription and Fitting via State-of Art-Equipment and Best Practice
  • Tinnitus Advice and Management
  • Ear and Hearing Protection Plugs
Earwax Removal via Microsuction: Safe and Effective Process

hearing-1Excessive earwax can cause itching, irritation, tinnitus, hearing loss and sometime infections
There are various techniques that can be used to remove earwax viz. irrigation of ear canal, manual removal and earwax micro-suction. Although each of the methods have their own benefits and limitations, many professionals now try to avoid ear irrigation with water method due to various reasons.
At our clinics, we use earwax removal by micro-suction, which is a safe and effective procedure in removing earwax in children and adults.
In fact, the above picture has my then three-year-old having earwax removed in our clinic. He was using ‘pardon’ far more often for my liking, which cannot be good for his speech and language development. So, I took him to my clinic and took chunks of wax from his ears.
Earwax can affect all ages-children or adults. If you have symptoms of earwax, contact us today to have a consultation. Also, SAY NO TO EARBUDS. They are harmful for the long-term health of your ear. Find more information on our website here: audiologyplanet.com/earwax-removal/

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Assessment & Management

hearing-2The term auditory processing means ‘what you do with what you hear’.
It is estimated that 5-10% school children and many adults have undue difficulty in understanding speech and/or follow instructions, even though their hearing ability is perfectly within normal range. This could be a result of what’s known as ‘auditory processing disorder’ or APD.
Auditory processing disorder can affect children and adults of all age groups. Often, children with APD will struggle with their speech/language abilities and/or academic performance. Learning music and/or foreign language could become a problem. It may coexist with some other problems such as ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder and dyslexia.
Adults with APD suffer in challenging listening situations such as noisy pubs/restaurants, open plan offices and meetings etc.
We offer a comprehensive diagnosis and management service for APD, using the very latest technique and procedures. Find more about APD from transcript of our latest live chat session on the topic here: audiologyplanet.com/apd/

Comprehensive Consultation for Hearing Aid Fitting & Prescription

hearing-3Better hearing means better engagement with your near and dear; and therefore, a better life!
We provide an independent, affordable and appropriate solution with the care and compassion that you deserve as an individual. Unlike many other providers, we are not tied up with any particular hearing aid manufacturer. Therefore, we provide a completely independent and customised solution to suit your specific better-hearing need.
Our NHS trained audiologist offers a comprehensive ear and hearing assessment using latest research by subjective and objective measures. This industry standard evaluation is used to collect evidence on what technology should be recommended to you and how it is prescribed from computer programming. We follow the evidence based practice as per the guidance of UK professional bodies.
The stigma is past, technology is present and a good, happy life is the future! We have a range of technology levels and products to suit hearing needs of all ages and all professions. Contact us today to book an appointment or find more details here: audiologyplanet.com/hearing-aid-service/

Ear and Hearing Protection Plugs

We have a range of customised products that you can use to keep your ear and hearing healthy – each one specially handcrafted for you by a hearing expert!

  • Swim Plugs: Keep the water out of your ear. Particularly helpful if you suffer from itching in the ear or frequent infections etc.
    Customised earphones: Music gets very personal with our specialist shell for earphones. This not only provides a superior sound and secure fit but also, reduces the noise going into the ear, therefore, protecting your hearing.
  • Sleep Plugs: It is amazing how little things like sleeping plugs can help your relationship. We have case studies where partners who were stressed and slept in different rooms due to issues with snoring, got back together after the prescription of sleeping plugs. One such happy client of ours likes to call them -back-in-the-bed-with-your-partner plugs! They are also useful in noisy air or train journeys.
  • Noise, music and DIY plugs: They provide protection from loud sounds. We recently prescribed it for somebody cleaning their deck with jet washer.
Independent Tinnitus Advice Care

Around 6 million people in UK (almost 10% of the population) suffer from hearing sounds that are coming from inside the body rather than from outside, that is, tinnitus. Tinnitus sounds can be buzzing, ringing, hissing, grinding, whistling etc. Most people hear these sounds in both ears but some will hear it only on one side.
There are a number of evidence based management options that can help with tinnitus immensely.
Contact us today for a detailed assessment and advice appointment.

Fall Prevention, Balance Care

This service involves diagnostic tests on dizziness related issues, prevention of falls in elderly people, and management of dizziness and balance disorders (including Epley’s manoeuvre for positional vertigo or BPPV).
The service is catered for children above 7 years of age and adults. Balance function tests (also called vestibular tests) provide information on how your inner ears and brain are processing balance related information. This helps us diagnose specific balance or coordination issues in the body.
Management of balance issues is generally individualised to the specific issues. Some of the balance issues are treatable and/or preventable. This means less falls and better quality of life in children and adults.
Book your appointment with us today for consultation on healthy balance.

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