About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine developed nearly 200 years ago by a German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, using the principles of ‘like cures like’ discovered by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, 2000 years ago. Homoeopathy is a science supported by numerous scientific studies (www.homeopathy-ecch.org).

How Does Homeopathy Work?
Remedies are made of highly diluted substances taken from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms.

They are also shaken vigorously at all stages of the process to bring out the energetic properties of the substance. The remedies thus prepared help to boost the patient’s own healing mechanism, of which the immune system is a component.  Remedies also work on a mental and emotional level. It is a fact accepted by medicine now that a patient’s chances of recovery are enhanced by a positive outlook on life. This is because human beings are more than just the sum of their parts.  Body and mind/emotions can’t be separated.

Is it safe?

The high dilutions ensure that no side-effects arise after taking homoeopathic remedies. This is why it is safe to use during pregnancy, for babies and the elderly.

The patient may at times observe some discharge after treatment with homoeopathy, such as a runny nose, a skin rash, even a raised temperature. This shows that the body is reacting to the remedy and going through a process of detoxification which often accompanies the healing process.

Who can benefit from homeopathy?

Anyone can benefit because homoeopathy treats the person, not the disease. The homoeopath prescribes remedies based on the observation of the patient and on the collation of information which are then matched to a remedy picture. Hence the numerous questions asked during the consultation. Remedies are individualised to suit the needs of the person.

How long does it take to see an improvement?

An improvement can be felt or observed very rapidly after administration of the correct remedy, especially in the case of acute diseases such as a fever, a sore throat, teething, etc…

More time is needed in the case of chronic ailments, as these conditions have usually evolved over months or years. Your homoeopath will give you an indication of how long it may take for your condition to improve after taking your case and seeing how you react to a first prescription.

Very often a sense of heightened well-being is felt by the patient after taking the correct homoeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy for children in Sevenoaks

Like many people, I discovered homeopathy after my children were born. Reading the lists of side-effects accompanying prescription drugs was my wake-up call! Were all these chemicals necessary?

After experiencing for myself how effective homeopathy is I decided to dedicate the best part of my waking time to studying and then practicing it. I now hold a degree from The Centre for Homeopathic Education based in Regents Park and at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. I have my own professional insurance.

I have treated children that have consulted me with complaints such as eczema, psoriasis, allergies, asthma, ear infections, bed wetting and digestive disorders.   I have developed a keen interest in conditions on the autistic spectrum, insomnia, nightmares, stress at school and various behaviour problems in children and teenagers. I always look for the reason why the body starts producing symptoms of disease.

Although homeopathy has become my first choice of medicine, I remember being terribly worried when my babies were ill and I always support parents’ decisions to get a diagnosis from a conventional doctor or to continue their allopathic treatment when necessary. I also enjoy helping women to regain their physical and emotional health.

Cost of Treatment

The cost of a homeopathy appointment can vary so please contact the clinic directly for further information, to make an appointment or if you have any other questions. Tel:  01732 453956 e-mail: nathalierobeyns@yahoo.co.uk.

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