What is Osteopathy and How Does it Work?

Osteopathy is a system of treatment based on the structure and function of the body. The aim is to establish good function that will help the blood and nerve supply to the affected area improving the healing rate or activity of the area in question. This may be achieved by using a combination of osteopathic treatment techniques as well as advising on lifestyle, activities and exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How many treatments will I need?
In audit we have established that you will require between 1 and 5 treatments for an acute condition (2.8 treatment sessions was the statistical figure). There are some conditions that require ongoing treatment – which we refer to as ‘maintenance’ – such as osteoarthritic changes to a joint, for example to the hip or lumbar spine. In this situation, the treatment is aimed at improving the function of the joint. If the joint is irreparably damaged it will reduce its function over a period of time. This time period will depend on the degree of damage and the activity it is subjected to – for example, swimming and tennis would each put different stresses on the joint.

Throughout the 55 years that Sevenoaks Osteopaths has been established the priority has been our patients’ best interests. We always make an appropriate referral if we do not think that progress is being made or if the condition that the patient has presented is not within the scope of Osteopathic treatment. Sometimes with musculo-skeletal conditions it is difficult to make a diagnosis at the first appointment. Reaction to an initial treatment or a patient remembering an incident that relates to the onset may clarify the diagnosis at a second or third appointment. The majority of our patients consult us because we have been recommended by other patients. We would very much like to get all patients symptom free after just one treatment but sadly this is usually unrealistic, particularly if a condition has been present for a long time.

What should I expect from my first visit?
When you see an Osteopath a detailed case history will be taken. You may think that some of the questions are not related to your condition but it is important from the case history to rule out all causes of the pain and to ensure that Osteopathy is the appropriate course of treatment.  For example, chest pain can be the result of a musculo-skeletal strain or of an infection such as pleurisy. Establishing the nature of the pain and the way it started and progressed are all very important, along with any predisposing factors to the condition such as asthma or smoking. Following this, your practitioner will then commence treatment and will give you their prognosis for further treatment.

What Should I Wear?
An examination will normally require the removal of some items of clothing. If you are uncomfortable with this please inform the Osteopath. We can provide you with a modesty gown or you can wear your own shorts or a crop top, etc.  You may also bring a friend or family member into the treatment room with you if this makes you feel more at ease.

How Long Will Each Treatment Last?
Each appointment will last for approximately half an hour, although please be aware that some conditions may take either a little longer or a little less time to treat.

If you think that your condition is related to a particular activity or you would like a specific Osteopath to treat you (for example you may prefer a male or a female practitioner) please let us know at the time of booking your appointment.

If you contact us early enough, we do our very best to provide same-day appointments although please bear in mind that at holiday times this may not be possible.

Treatment Costs

Each osteopathic treatment will be approximately half an hour and costs £50.

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