Products for Injury Prevention & Recovery

Many of our patients are unaware that we stock a variety of products that are designed for you to use at home to aid your recovery after treatment or can be used to help prevent injury in the first place.  Some patients may have seen the products in the clinic but are unaware of their uses so we thought it might be useful to list some of them here, detailing how they can be of help.

Hot and cold compresses –these can be stored at home ready to be used immediately after injury occurs.  A cold compress should be stored in the freezer and when needed should be removed and is ready to use when completely flexible.  Never put the compress directly onto your skin.  Instead cover with a tea towel or other cotton cloth and apply to the affected area for no longer than 10 minutes.  Cold compresses should be used for up to 10 minutes depending on the site of the pain and the nature of the injury.

Rubbeez – a cream designed for external application over aching muscles and joints.  It can be used to assist the treatment of many things including bruises, sprains, various inflammatory conditions, tissue damage, cramp and nerve pain.  Rubbeez is produced in New Zealand and is a totally natural, paraben free product.  Its main ingredients are Arnica (which is anti-inflammatory and accelerates healing), Comfrey (which helps repair damaged tissue), St John’s Wort (an excellent antiseptic which helps relieve cramp and nerve pain), Calendula (which is antibacterial and antiviral and is effective on cuts and wounds) and Sweet Almond Oil (used to moisturise the skin and combat itching and inflammation)

Back Friend – Improving your posture can go a long way to promoting good back health. Back Friends are basically mobile seats designed to keep you sitting correctly at all times.  They fold for easy storage and can be used on any chair that has a back – even in the car.  They are particularly useful where a chair does not provide the required lumbar spine support.

Back Braces, Elbow & Knee Supports Etc – we can order any of these products for you and your practitioner can advise you of what might be most appropriate for you.

Fun Massagers – We sell small hand held massagers which are particularly good at working on the muscles across the tops of your shoulders and leg muscles.  If your partner’s thumbs are cramping or painful from rubbing your aching muscles, these are an excellent, easy to use alternative!   The Osteopaths will often encourage self “muscle inhibition” which requires persistent pressure to be applied to a muscle, these “Fun Massagers” help to reduce finger discomfort while doing this.

(Please speak to our practitioners or our reception staff if you have any questions about these or any of our other products)