Reflexology is a gentle and non-invasive natural treatment designed to assist in maintaining optimal wellness in healthy individuals and alleviating the symptoms of a variety of disorders. It seems to be particularly effective for treating hormonal imbalances. Why is this so?

In both women and men, hormone levels need to be finely balanced in order to maintain optimal health. If the scales are tipped too much in one direction or another, problems can develop. Two of the most frequent causes of hormonal imbalance are nutritional deficiencies and stress. Of these, stress is probably the most common. When we experience stress, our bodies release high levels of the cortisol hormone. This is part of our natural “fight or flight” response to danger. Cortisol raises our heart rate, dilates the bronchial tubes and releases fat for use as fuel in response to a crisis. The problem is that in our modern society, stress can become chronic and elevated cortisol levels are very common. Some of the negative effects of this include: high blood pressure, weakened immune system, PMS, infertility, mood swings, lack of energy, weight gain, inflammation and pain.

Reflexology can work in a number of ways to correct hormonal imbalances. It works directly on reducing stress and therefore in correcting cortisol levels. In addition, reflexology is believed to be of benefit in a number of other important ways, including: removing toxins from the body, improving circulation and the functioning of the immune system, stimulating reproductive glands, stabilizing moods, increasing energy levels, reducing pain by releasing endorphins (natural painkillers) into the system and helping to alleviate menstrual or menopausal issues.

If you’d like to give Reflexology a try, please call to book an appointment with Kate, our reflexologist. At the very least, you’ll come away feeling relaxed and refreshed. You may even find that reflexology is the key you’ve been looking for to correct nagging hormonal imbalances safely and naturally.