Reflexology for Anxiety

Anxiety develops when we are first faced with a stressful situation – moving house, redundancy, bereavement or a breakdown of a relationship. These feelings of anxiety are the body’s early warning system. Your body feels that some form of danger is near, so you are kept alert in order to cope with what your body perceives as a potentially life-threatening event. In healthy individuals, the difficult situation is met, overcome and we move on. For some people, it isn’t so simple. When anxiety symptoms prevent you from coping with everyday life, then you may have developed an anxiety disorder

Everyone experiences anxiety in different ways. Some of the most common symptoms include: feeling overwhelmed, obsessive worrying, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, fluctuating emotions, changes in appetite.

Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment and may encourage you to breathe slower and deeper and generally calm down all the physical indications of stress. Your reflexologist can also show you how to use hand reflexology in between sessions in order to manage your response to your anxiety symptoms yourself. The techniques are subtle and people around you are unlikely to notice you doing them.

If you’d like to give Reflexology a try, please call to book an appointment with Kate, our reflexologist